Our History

“They are too difficult!” That is what our founder was told when he asked why missionaries were not being sent to reach Muslims living in regions bordering the Red Sea.

However, in the early 1940’s he obeyed God’s call to work among them. Others caught the vision and by 1952 a small team of dedicated missionaries had become what is now known as ReachAcross. Even from those earliest days ReachAcross made a bold proclamation of faith that Muslims everywhere would hear the Gospel.

Over time, ReachAcross missionaries began to serve further afield, always wanting to reach Muslims in the least reached places, focusing on proclaiming the gospel to those who had never heard.

Today ReachAcross serves among Muslims in many countries, from Canada and the USA in the west, to the UK, Germany and Switzerland in Europe, across north Africa from west to east, in southern parts of the Middle East, and in Central and South Asia.

Our passion for Jesus compels us to reach those who are yet to hear.  If you would like to be part of the story please contact us.