Why join ReachAcross?

ReachAcross has 70 years of experience as a mission agency solely focused on reaching Muslims.  ReachAcross support staff, together with all our supporters worldwide, serve our mission workers in order that we can achieve our aims of effectively sharing the gospel with Muslims, serving among Muslims in practical ways, discipling Muslims to follow Jesus, and seeing Muslim background believers becoming the church in their homelands.  Our focus and efforts are directed at:
– Giving you helpful advice on personal and ministry preparation
– Providing you with important services, such as:

Outgoing support when you prepare and go to a mission field
    • Helping you answer questions you, your friends, church, and supporters may have about your:
        • Future ministry
        • Preparation
        • Supervision
        • Ongoing support
      • Guiding you to fit into the right team
      • Assisting you in starting a new team
      • Giving advice on obtaining a visa
      • Advising you on options for educating your children
      • Giving guidance on how you may use your skills, training, and abilities
      • Advising you on language learning opportunities
      • Ensuring you have suitable medical and emergency insurance
Ongoing field support
    • Providing member care
    • Giving regular debriefing, and critical incident debriefing
    • Advising on security issues, risk assessment, and contingency planning
    • Processing your finances and financial transfers
    • Enabling effective and secure communications
    • Providing in-service training opportunities
Facilitating assignments in your home country
  • Helping you prepare your itinerary
  • Providing you with equipment and materials
  • Suggesting contacts and places to share about your ministry
Supporting your final re-entry to your home country
    • Providing re-entry debriefing to minimize reverse culture shock
    • Arranging temporary accommodation
    • Assisting you in re-adjusting to living ‘at home’ again
    • Facilitating necessary legal and governmental requirements
This list is not exhaustive, but we are here for you – serving 24/7 Helping Muslims Follow Jesus.

Patrick, South Asia

“My short-term service has been a further confirmation of my long-term passion to be a missionary to the unreached Muslim world in the future”

Jamie, East Africa

“In these times it is even easier for everyone to engage in the great commission and help isolated Muslims follow Jesus. Glory to God who put us here for such a time as this!”

Marlene, UK

“I am really grateful for the friendships I have with women, children and families from many countries. The greatest honour though is not just knowing them but actually being reminded that they see me as part of their families”