Service Opportunities

ReachAcross is looking for men and women who love Jesus Christ and want to serve Him in mission in Muslim-majority countries and cultures, or in reaching Muslims in the UK.
We have many opportunities and ways to engage in mission work, become part of a team, get involved and experience what Jesus is doing among Muslims in the world today.
Come and join us!

Your Journey into Mission

Are you at a crossroads, wondering whether the Lord is leading you towards serving in mission?  Or are you sure, but do not yet know where or how?  Are you wanting to use your professional skills and training in a mission context?  Or should you explore business as mission, or ‘tent-making’ ministry?  Perhaps you have only just left education and have little experience to offer, but still feel the Lord’s leading?
Wherever you are on the journey…..we will accompany you along the way
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Medical Professionals

Whatever your particular specialisation and experience, ReachAcross will endeavour to find an appropriate opening in hospitals and clinics in the countries where we serve.  Our current main area of focus is South Asia, though we can sometimes find opportunities in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.  Foreign language ability will affect the openings available.  Some openings are suitable for people who only speak English.

ReachAcross partners with overseas hospitals and clinics in order to place medical doctors in a medical mission context.  Please contact us to discuss specific service opportunities for your specialisations.

ReachAcross is able to place suitably qualified and experienced nurses and midwives into hospitals and clinics overseas.  Please contact us for details.

ReachAcross partners with hospitals in South Asia to provide placements for medical electives.  This is normally for students in year 4 or above, but exceptions have been made for those who simply want the experience.  Contact us for details.

ReachAcross is able to find placements for medical professionals wanting to be involved in primary healthcare training.  Contact us for details.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

ReachAcross is able to place TEFL teachers in various locations.  In particular we have many opportunities in a well-established language school in Northeast Africa in the Red Sea area.  Please contact us.  If you are looking for training in TEFL you might like to take a look at ChristianTEFL, a well established training organisation based in the UK which offers many courses at varying levels.

Teaching, literacy and education

ReachAcross has several opportunities for educators from Primary up to Tertiary education.  Please contact us.

Other opportunities - e.g. Business as Mission, 'tent-making', practical help, sports ministry, etc.

There is usually opportunity for anyone to be involved in mission to Muslims overseas or in the UK.  Whatever your training, or even if you have none as yet, please do contact us to see what opportunities are available.