Project 39

Helping Hands Project

About the Project
For several years our supporters helped ReachAcross as we worked with local Christians to provide a church-based ministry which cared for the medical and practical needs of Arab Muslims who sought refuge and medical help having left their war-torn homeland in the region.  In doing so, the men, women and children who benefitted from the project not only experienced the love of Christ through receiving practical care, but were brought into an environment where they could hear the gospel, so often for the very first time.  Our mission workers who were leading this project have relocated to a different country, and we no longer have a direct connection with the project.  However, please do contact us if you would like to give to our current project(s) helping refugees in other locations.  Our huge thanks go to all those who made the Helping Hands project so successful and helped so many refugees in their time of need.